Taxi Driver Magazine

In this project, a dense catalog of text, image and information was made from the monthly research and intensive study of the film “Taxi Driver” (1976) by Martin Scorsese. The collected data was evaluated, sorted and classified and formed the basis for the development of the graphical language of the magazine. The use of photos and stills was dispensed with. All aspects of the film, contentwise and technically, were analyzed and consequently resulted in an array of infographics. A city map of New York City was faithfully reconstructed from archive materials from the 1970s, in order to show important locations and explain connections throughout the magazine. The city map comes with the magazine as an extra poster in A3. The resulting magazine collects and illustrates data and provides a critical and accurate comparison of information. A custom made pouch, derived from the chest pockets of the M-65 Field Jacket, protects the magazine.

Format: 200×280 mm
Pages: 28
Paper: Munken Lynx 200 g/m² (cover), 100 g/m² (inside)
Typefaces: Sneak (TIGHTYPE)

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