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Why write?

August 6, 2020

I believe that intellectual discourse is a crucial part of design culture, though often overlooked because it’s not as conspicuous as the results it eventually may produce. The popular consensus – though quite superficial – of the term design seems to be more often about the (visual) result than the considerations and measures taken in advance. So why write, if this won’t sell?

As responsible designers we should concern ourselves not merely with current visual culture/mood boards, but also with deep subject matter, ideological intentions and their ramifications. Breaking this infinite loop of numb consumption and digestion every once in a while actually feels good and paves the way for new experiences. Reflecting on given information and ones impressions, the next step now is active participation in the transforming and reordering of noise (rather than adding to it).

My interest in writing was rekindled in university, having to immerse myself not only with past and present design discourse, but also writing essays on gestalt- and film theory for various courses and projects. Discovering short texts like this (hopefully more to come) that expound niche points of view, ideas and linked references is something I’ve come to enjoy quite a bit since then. Sometimes these shifts in perspective are triggered by visuals, but more often than not information in written (or spoken) form has had a greater and longer lasting impact on my understanding of the creative activities.

I want my future writings to be an exercise in collecting and formulating thought on the spectrum of art and design. Right now, I’m planning on doing one short text every other month. Subjects will be miscellaneous, addressed in an analytical or a stream-of-consciousness manner, following a non-linear narrative on my findings and impressions. I want to keep it short and get to the essence of things, to highlight aspects that I feel to be of value.

So if you’re interested in a casual design discourse, feel free to revisit this page every once in a while to find new posts. But that’s all for now. Also, I’m figuring this whole writing thing out as I’m going along so…