Designer, teacher and occasional writer based in Vienna. My conceptual and research-driven work is dedicated to organizing information, developing the web and stimulating sensibilities.
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  1. Tagesteller is an archive of dearly cherished dishes. Every month Viennese seniors share a personal dish and recipe from their lives. All sorts of things are eaten together, spoken and unexpected stories are listened to.

    Tagesteller Website

  2. In La Jetée, the scientists are wearing coarse camouflage-print overalls with an attached hood and optical glasses that feature switchable lenses. Another scientist can be seen wearing a strict, but slightly oversized, light grey turtleneck.

    On references

  3. If presented with any pattern, it’s relatively easy to identify a deviation (for example a dot-pattern with an irregularly offset point). It’s easy to identify a problem, a missing link. The design itself tells you if it’s correct or not.

    Consistency builds recognition

  4. I believe that intellectual discourse is a crucial part of design culture, though often overlooked because it’s not as conspicuous as the results it eventually may produce. The popular consensus – though quite superficial – of the term design seems to be more often about the (visual) result than the considerations and measures taken in advance. So why write, if this won’t sell?

    Why write?

  5. It’s not that I feel inherently for either side, it’s just that I’m swayed too easily sometimes. And as a scale in balance is easier tipped than a biased one, I now can sense my equilibrium turning against me. My optimistic indifference feels more and more like self-destructive inaction.

    Lived metaphors and designed hierarchy, or: thoughts of a table